NBC's late night changes beginning

- This weekend the first move of NBC's late night shake up will take place.

It's the last show for Saturday Night Live star Seth Meyers before he takes over "Late Night" for Jimmy Fallon next month while Fallon becomes the new host of "The Tonight Show".

Seth Meyers gave "SNL" cast mate Bill Hader a memorable sendoff last spring.

This weekend, it's Meyers' turn.

"Yeah, he might come back, but I think you're gonna find ever since stephon and I got married, we're both a lot less fun around each other."

Meyers has had more than a decade of fun in the pressure cooker that is "Saturday Night Live"

"There's nothing quite like working under that time constraint of SNL to sort of draw you close with people and I'm going to miss that a lot."

He'll also miss the weekend update desk, where he's had a new co-anchor this season, Cecily Strong.

"She's required literally no breaking in. She's so good at it. She's a total pro. I thought she'd be good. She's blowing me away by how fast she's as good as she is right now."

After this weekend, Meyers will go from doing one show a week at SNL to doing five a week as the new host of NBC's late night.

"Is there any such thing as a civilized routine in late night television? Whether it's Saturday night live or late night?

"I think late night will be more civilized. There's nothing civilized about the Saturday Night Live schedule. It's like, literally uncivilized, based on how unkempt the cast and writing staff look by Friday night. At least this new job, I can shower and shave every day."

"And now that you're a married man."

"Yes, I have to be civilized, this was the right time to take a 'regular' job."

Even... If it's a late night one.

This late night shake up will be also a milestone moment in "Tonight Show" history. Fallon will become the sixth man to serve as host during the show's nearly 60 years.

Jay Leno's final "Tonight Show" is next Thursday. Fallon's debut on "The Tonight Show" is Monday,
February 17th.

A week after that, Meyers will be taking over for Fallon as the host of "late night".

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