New Day In Washington after Inauguration

It's a new day in Washington: President Obama's beginning a new term, there's a new Congress,

But old issues remain. Now that the inauguration now over, some wonder if Washington will heed the President's call for unity.

The President and Vice President kick off this new term with a prayer service at the National Cathedral this morning, then it's back to work - topping the agenda here on capitol hill - dealing with America's debt. 

It was a big party - but now it's over. The President's been sworn in.

He called for unity, and sent congress a message to act quickly." Decisions are upon us and we cannot afford delay," said President Barack Obama

Decisions like raising the debt ceiling and borrowing more money to pay America's bills. House Republicans backed off their threat.

They've scheduled a vote tomorrow to borrow more without budget cuts. "I recognize there are profound differences in this room," said President Barack Obama.

Differences that could still play out as Congress tries to prevent automatic budget cuts in March. 

Tomorrow's vote would withhold pay if lawmakers can't get it done. "Yes you can extend the debt ceiling, yes we'll do that for three months, let's get out of a crisis mode but let's get a budget document in place and let's have a penalty if you don't pass a budget," said Rep. Greg Walden, (R) Oregon.  

United around another historic inauguration, Americans are hopeful. "Hopefully it's kicking off a great second term and a new direction for the country," said Anshu Choudhri, Chicago, IL.  

It's a new day, but will President Obama and congress turn things around in this second term? "There's a magical MOMENT, in a second term, that begins TODAY and it's elusive, and it moves fast," said Historian Jon Meacham. 

Tracie Potts, NBC News.

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