New Report Shows Most Americans with Private Insurance Will be Eligible for Subsidies

(NBC News) The insurance cancellation letters millions of Americans have been receiving may not be all bad news.

Most of them will actually save money in the healthcare exchange thanks to subsidies, according to a new study by healthcare advocate Families U.S.A.

For people like sculptor Doug Thielscher who have received cancellation notices from their insurance companies this is a scary time.

"My preference would be to keep my existing policy," said Thielscher.

While that policy may be what Doug is used to, the study by Families U.S.A. indicates more than 70% of people getting individual insurance will pay less for healthcare in the exchange.

"They will qualify for thousands of dollars in subsidies that will make premiums much easier to pay for, said Families U.S.A Executive Director Ron Pollack.

Pollack estimates the number of people who won't get assistance and would have kept their private plans over a year is small, just under 270,000 Americans.

Washington D.C. attorney Deborah Persico is one of them.

"It's going to cost me an additional $5000/year more than I currently pay," Persico said.

Now Persico is hoping her insurance company will do what President Obama asked last week and renew her plan.

That will be difficult for the insurers and the states who regulate them.

"There are a lot of questions about how insurance companies can go back and undo what has already been done at this stage in the process," said Robert Zirelbach of America's Health Insurance Plans.

"Some states are able to do it under the laws and some are prohibited from doing it under the state law," said Ben Nelson, CEO of National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Nine states shown have already refused to grant extensions and a majority of states still haven't decided.

That's left thousands of people to wait and worry.

The White House has a request of insurance companies.

They're now asking that every customer with an individual plan be given a letter outlining their options and opportunities for subsidies through Obamacare.

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