New York Students Wearing Pedometers to Track Physical Data

Pedometers track your physical activity by measuring the steps you take each day, but should school students be required to wear them? 

Several schools in upstate New York are taking part in a federal program to track the physical activity of students.
The school districts using the pedometers hope the program teaches students the difference between exercise and staying inside. 
Some parents think the program could affect the self image of students, so some schools aren't requiring students to be weighed in the program. 
Others believe it's an invasion of privacy. 

Parent Kelly Labonte said, "It just baffles me how they can force this upon you, I think it should be a choice and I think some kids will choose to do it."

 Principal Gregory Woytila said, "What we want to do is have phys ed be this more lifelong phys ed so we've made it more of a homework assignment at this point."

The data is collected throughout the school year and is immediately sent to the federal government All in hopes of making kids more active. 

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