No More Soda Ban for NYC

Just as residents of New York City were getting ready to give up their super-sized sugary drinks, a state Supreme Court Justice sided with several groups who said banning them is illegal.

"I think it's kind of crazy, but, I mean having somebody tell you what you can and cannot drink I think it's a choice of your own you know," said Benny Kelly of New York City.

"I hate it. I hate it. I think it's, this Mayor is just i'm at a loss of works for what he does," said Michael Levine of New York City.

It was, indeed Mayor Michael Bloomberg's idea to put a 16-ounce limit on such drinks sold at restaurants, movie theaters, sports venues, and street carts.

Bloomberg was met with resistance, especially from those who had the most to lose by losing soft drink sales.

"I think most of us who own businesses are not too happy about the change," said NY Pizza Shop owner Josephine Giglio.

New York's Chamber of Commerce and it's restaurant association were among those who went to the court and got Monday's favorable ruling.

Bloomberg said later on he plans to appeal the decision.

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