Obama Promises Gun Control

President Obama is preparing for a trip to Colorado next week to continue his push for stricter gun laws.

His efforts come as the nation digests chilling new details released about the Newtown shooting tragedy and as support for stricter gun laws dwindles.

Supporters of gun reform are hoping more than 100 events yesterday will energize the nation.

But here on Capitol Hill lawmakers, even Democrats, remain a tough sell on the issue.

Meanwhile, parents of the Newtown shooting victims struggle to digest new details released by investigators about the shooter- Adam Lanza.

Documents reveal he fired more than 150 bullets inside Sandy Hook Elementary- in under five minutes.

His deadliest weapon, according to the state's attorney- a Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle and 10 thirty round magazines.

Nicole Hockley lost her son. "Every piece of new information is painful, because it brings us back to December 14th," said Nicole Hockley.

But even in Newtown- there's not agreement over gun reform.

Yesterday protesters for and against stricter laws faced off. "You can't make control on legislation you need to do it by fact," said one protester.

Gun control advocates gathered at more than 100 rallies around the country. "We need to change the whole culture of violence in this country," said Hartford, CT resident JoAnne Bauer.  

Newtown parents spoke in a new video campaign led by New York mayor Michael Bloomberg.

From the White House, President Obama demanded the nation remember their loss. "The entire country pledged it would do something about it and this time it would be different. Shame on us if we have forgotten," said the President.

He's trying to revive dropping momentum for new measures like comprehensive background checks, and a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

Recent polls show support for new guns laws has dropped by about ten points since the Newtown shooting.

And in Congress- at least six Senate Democrats could vote against reforms.

Danielle Leigh, NBC News.

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