Off Duty Fire Hero

When Chad Reeves got home Friday night, his wife and sister and their friends were telling him about the loudest thunder crash they've ever heard.
"Like girls always do, I thought they were making it up a little bit," said Reeves, a resident of Thornton, Colorado. What he did not know was that lightning had just struck his roof top and a fire had started in the attic.
That's when Nate Kelley was driving by after attending a Colorado Rockies game with his family.
His sister spotted the flames and that's when the off-duty Denver firefighter leaped into action.
"At that point, your instincts just kicked in," said Kelley, who's been a firefighter since last September. "So, I hopped over the fence and yelling at the people to get out of the house." At first, they didn't believe him.
"The first thing I thought was, there was a couple of kids trying to mess with us," said Aimee Reeves, Chad's sister. But, when they went outside and saw the fire, they got everyone out including Chad's baby boy, Jaxson.
"My 5-month old lives right up there in the room on the right and fire literally burned out the trusses above him," said Chad. At that point, they still didn't know Kelley was a firefighter.
"Some kid with a flannel shirt, jeans, and a ball cap jumps over my fence asking where my hose is," said Chad.
Kelley grabbed the garden hose and started fighting the fire alone until the Thornton Fire Department arrived.
"I just wanted to at least try to put some water on the flames," said Kelley.
He even got onto the roof and started directing two hoses into the flames and along the rooftop dousing most of the fire before help arrived.
"Doesn't matter whether you're on duty or off-duty, you're always a fire fighter and you always just try to do your best to help people out," said Kelley. The Reeves family calls Kelley their hero.
"We think that he's 'Superman.' He literally appeared and disappeared within an instant," said Diana Reeves, homeowner. "I'm just thankful we're all okay."
All thanks to an off-duty fire fighter, delayed from leaving the Rockies game and driving on a road he doesn't normally drive on. "I believe without God putting Nate in my path, my son would be gone," said Chad.
Kelley says he was just doing his job. "I don't view myself as a hero," said Kelley. "I'm just there to help."

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