Parenting Study Suggests Parents Welcome Technology's Help

(NBC News)  Despite having a bit of a bad rap technology isn't necessarily a beast that infiltrates kids' minds and free time against their parents' wishes. 

A new parenting study suggests most moms and dads welcome technology into the family, and they're the ones controlling it.

"We truly are living in an age where media saturates family life just as it saturates our culture, and parents know how to cope with it," says Dr. Ellen Wartella of Northwestern University.

To learn how they cope Dr. Wartella studied more than 2,000 parents with young children. 

More than half say they aren't concerned about their kids' usage of media. 

That's because moms and dads are the ones in control, and are quite comfortable with technology in their household.

"We seem to have a generation of parents today who are able to um use technology in the homes because they grew up with technology," Dr. Wartella explains.

But today's tech-savvy moms and dads live in the real world and don't rely on screen time to stop their kids from screaming. 

They were most likely to use toys, books or other activities to entertain restless children.

Kids in 84-percent of families in the study spent anywhere from just under three hours to four and a half hours a day using screen media.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends less than two hours for kids starting at age 2.

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