Preparations in full swing for the Super Bowl

- With a game day forecast now predicting sun and highs in the 40's NFL commissioner Roger Goodell felt safe joking about what could have been at his annual press conference.

"One unique aspect about the focus for this year's super bowl has been on the weather. Of course, we cannot control the weather.

No control, yet Sunday should offer near-perfect conditions for the first ever open-air cold-weather stadium Super Bowl. Head coaches from both the Seahawks and the Broncos spoke about being part of NFL history.

"To dream about being in this position as a kid, you know, and then working through all the years of coaching and battling and watching other guys do it and here we are for the first time for us and it's a tremendous honor."

"Like different levels of football there's only one happy camper at the end, and that's going to be the team hoisting that trophy."

For now that trophy sits on Super Bowl boulevard, visited by fans dreaming of what it would be like to win. The 13 block stretch in Times Square gets more crowded by the hour as officials in New Jersey finish securing Met Life Stadium, including a two and a half mile fence.

And hundreds of surveillance cameras poised to catch every movement. Three thousand security guards and more than a hundred metal detectors will greet fans.

"As fans arrive on game day they should plan for entry screening that will be very similar to what they experience at an airport."

Infared cameras will keep watch from the air and oversized x-ray machines will scan trucks upon entry. It's a massive security operation that's ramping up along with fan excitement.

80-Thousand fans are expected to watch the game in person -- add in ten-thousand stadium workers.. Security and production crews and it will be a full house Sunday.

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