President Obama Defends Obamacare

(NBC News) Trying to turn around public opinion on his health care law and his leadership, a defiant President Obama today said the Affordable Care Act is now working.

The President said he's learned not to make wild promises about Obamacare adding that he checks every day that the website and the plan as a whole are working.

The comment comes as the White House kicks off a new effort to sell the plan to the American people.

"Despite all the problems in the rollout about half a million people across the country are poised to gain health care coverage thru marketplaces and Medicaid, beginning on January 1st, some for the very first time," the President said.

"If I've gotta fight another 3 years to make sure this law works then that's what I'll do," Mr Obama told a group gathered at the White House.

One remaining problem is with the back end of and getting usable enrollment information files to insurance companies.

The White House says a team will fix that this month

Consumer advocates say Obamacare buyers should take action if they haven't heard from their insurance carrier within weeks of signing up.

"If you haven't heard something within a week for so after you have signed up you might want to put in a call to the insurance company," advised Consumer Reports Nancy Metcalf.

But republicans aren't buying it.

They claim the administration has not come clean.

"At this point one has to ask: what else are they hiding??" asked House republican leader Eric Cantor of Virginia.

The President says new problems may pop-up, but he has pledged to fix them as quickly as possible.

He's also challenging republican critics to do what so far they have not done which is to propose a detailed alternative to Obamacare.

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