President Obama Discusses Last Minute Changes to ObamaCare

(NBC News) President Obama is changing the rules of obamacare with just 3 days until the deadline to sign up for coverage that starts january first.

Under the new rules, people who had their individual coverage cancelled, will have two new choices.

They can go without insurance without paying a penalty or buy cheap, bare-bones catastrophic coverage that did not Orginially qualify under the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans wasted no time attacking the President and his healthcare plan.

"The Obama administration is just making all of this up as they go along. Undoubtedly many people will suffer the consequences of this ineptitude," said republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah.

For now, the President is leaving the politics of Washington behind and heading to Hawaii on vacation.

While he predicts a surge in Obamacare signups in the coming days and weeks, the White House and worried democrats are hoping the still-shaky signup system can stand the strain.

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