President Obama Speaks on Government Shutdown

(NBC News) With the partial government shutdown eight days old and a possible default on federal debt just nine days away, President Obama talked to Speaker John Boehner on the phone Tuesday morning.

Afterward, their stalemate continued.

Speaker Boehner is still demanding rollbacks in Obamacare and in other spending to reopen government.

"I'm not drawing any lines in the sand. It's time for to us to just sit down and resolve ours differences," he said after a morning conference with Republican leaders.

Until the shutdown ends, President Obama is still refusing to negotiate.

"Let's stop the excuses. Take a vote. Put people back to work," Mr. Obama said. "Then serious negotiations could proceed on every item in the budget."

The president may prevail.

Some House Republicans are reportedly ready to reopen government and raise the borrowing limit in return for meaningful negotiations on spending and Obamacare.

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