Puppies in Pennsylvania Repeatedly Thrown over Bridge

In Pennsylvania, two three month old puppies are now in foster homes. The start of a happy ending for the pups, after they were rescued from abuse. The culprits caught in the act thought it was a joke.

Cagney and Lacy, 12 week old sisters, are happy, playful puppies. You'd never guess they were victims of unthinkable abuse.
"They probably have not been treated very nicely from the get-go," Cindy McClellan, President of Rescue Our Furry Friends, said. 

She was called by Mifflin County Regional Police to the stone arch bridge in Lewistown on Monday. When she got there, she says Karissa Walters, Shawnee Strawsser, Cody Ritter and Dustin Fetters were talking to police. She saw the dogs, just recently given to Walters and Strawsser by a family member.

The puppies were wet and shivering. Police say that the four took the puppies to the top of the bridge, and then, they'd throw them off
and shockingly, they'd take them back up to the top of the bridge, and they'd do it again.

McClellan says fishermen watched it all happen, and says the four young adults ignored the puppies cries in distress as they threw them 25 feet to the water below. Over and over again.

"I don't think people should have animals if they don't care about them".

Tyna Earnest was walking her dog on the same bridge. She heard about the abuse.
"I don't understand why they kept doing it, were they playing a game?" 

McClellan says they were. "They thought that they were playing a game, and they thought it was funny"
McClellan says the puppies were checked out by the vet and given a clean bill of health. She says while the most important thing is the puppies safety. 

The lesson, is to not give a pet, to someone who doesn't know how to properly care for it.
"You want to know that they're going to good homes regardless of whether they're free, or selling them."

The four adults are facing fines. A judge will determine how much.

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