Purdue Students React to Shooting

(WTHR) It was one of the last classes to leave the electrical engineering building at Purdue University Tuesday afternoon.

At least two hours after the incident occurred, they finally left, each with their own story.

"I didn't see nothing, but i heard a few shots and i heard a man scream. One of my immediate reactions was actually getting underneath the desk. Then, obviously, we attempted to close the door after the first few shots. We believe that he left, but i was just very scared," said student Nick Wieland.

Earlier in the day, those on the outside could only speculate what was going on inside that classroom.

Many had stayed even after they have been evacuated, they just couldn't leave.

Student Alisha Magentran gives her recollection of what she experienced.

"While we were sitting in class, getting ready for econ lecture to start and all of a sudden we started hearing 'get down! Get down! No one really knew what was happening. We just heard it really loud, so we knew that it was right outside the door. Then our teacher was debating on kind of closing the class and letting everyone leave. But she decided to wait a little bit longer. And then about 2 or 3 minutes later, we hear the same thing on the other side of the classrooms, so they basically went all around the building to the other side. That is when we started to realize that it was a serious danger and people..a cop opened the door really fast and kind of walked in and told everyone to evacuate and they pulled the alarm and that was when we knew there was a serious thing going on.

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