Searching for Answers to the Government Shutdown

(NBC News) We're now in day 10 of the government shut down and exactly one week away from potentially defaulting on the country's loans.

Today on the hill there's a packed agenda of high stakes meetings between lawmakers and the President.

Meanwhile the treasury secretary is warning lawmakers of grave consequences for the economy if they don't compromise soon.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew laid out the tough choices ahead for congress like picking between paying veterans benefits or Social Security checks, Medicare or food assistance if lawmakers don't raise the debt limit.

"Trying to time the debt limit increase to last minutes is dangerous repercussions could be serious," Lew said.

Business leaders are also increasing the pressure on lawmakers warning of economic consequences, if the government defaults.

"And that has the potential to throw the recovery into reverse, said David French of the National Retail Federation.

Republican leaders spent the morning, discussing the possibility of passing a short term measure to extend the debt limit.

This afternoon they'll head to the white house in the hopes of the ending the current showdown.

But so far, they're continuing to drive a hard bargain.

"We have $17 trillion worth of debt and there are real problems with the Affordable Care Act," said republican Congressman James Lankford of Oklahoma.

Today both sides are talking and for now, that could mean progress.

The standoff is hurting both sides approval ratings but republicans are taking the biggest hit according to Gallop.
They're at all-time low of just 28 percent.

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