Shoppers Rushing to Finish Duties after Weather Delays

(NBC News) More bad weather this weekend could be bad news for retailers and good news for consumers who haven't finished their holiday shopping.

Cold weather and an uncooperative calendar have already made for a choppy holiday shopping season.

With more bad conditions expected for much of the country, good deals may also be in the forecast.

CNBC's Kelli Grant says retailers are expected to offer better deals to lure more shoppers in.

"I think if you've waited to do your holiday shopping you're probably going to find some really great deals out there in the next couple of weeks," Grant says. "They might find that they need to do better deals down the line because nobody bought the things they were trying to get rid of this weekend."

If conditions drive you online you'll want to check the fine print to make sure your items are delivered in time.

Sometimes that means extra fees, which can negate your savings.

Careful shopping still pays off as well.

"Whenever you're looking at the best bargains, I really think you still have to shop around," Grant advises. "You can't just go to one source and hope that you found the best price."

Finally, don't discount the appeal of gift cards.

They're a popular item, especially for the best of shoppers who've just run out of steam.

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