Smart Woman - Go Green for Saint Patty's Day

hen you think of Saint Patrick's day, what comes to mind? Known as the feast of Saint Patrick, everyone's a wee bit Irish on Saint Patty's day and no dinner would be complete without corned beef hash.

We're talking Saint Patrick's day and chef Angelina Aldrich has you covered. "Since it's Saint Patrick's Day I thought something Irish would be fun, but I can't do anything just straight laced or traditional. I have to have a kick to it." said Aldrich

Angelina's going to show you how to take corned beef hash to a whole new leveL. Chorizo verde hash with chimichurri sauce and a sherry gastrique. Aldrich added "it's perfect for Saint Patrick's day."

First, the chimichurri. "It's basically just garlic, citrus, you know, lemon, lime, and herbs" said Aldrich. Chop everything up really fine, mix, and add some extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper. Aldrich went on to say "you've got to taste it. You need to taste everything. That's kind of the trick with this whole cooking thing."

Next up, verde sauce. Aldrich said "this is really simple sauce. You just roast some peppers, whatever you've got on hand. You just blister it on the grill and then peel that skin off and puree it with some cilantro or whatever green herbs you have on hand." Take the verde sauce and mix it into some ground pork. "And you can see it turns the sausage green" added Aldrich. Brown the sausage, add shallots, rutabaga, potato, and kale. Sautee until potatoes are brown, cook an egg, and you're ready to go. Aldrich added "so we'll finish it with chimi sauce, and then a little Gastrique, which is just a vinegar and sugar sauce. It sounds complicated. It's really not." Garnish and there you have it - a feast that lets us all feel a lucky to be eating. 

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