Smart Woman - Sneaky Money Wasters

Seventy percent of consumer spending in the U.S. is done by women, but where that money goes may surprise you. You have rent, your car payment, student loans, and business expenses. Those are musts, but what do you waste your money on?

First up, fast food. This year alone Americans will spend more than 110 billion dollars on fast food. Ditching the fast food habit could save you as much as 1,820 dollars a year!

Using the closest ATM rather than one at your own bank is convenient but costly. The Consumer Credit Counseling Service of New York says it costs most people five bucks a withdrawal, which is about 40 dollars a month and almost 500 dollars a year.

And although it's tempting to try and win the latest lottery, forget about it. Consumers bought 70 billion dollars' worth of lotto tickets last year and most people buy between 10 to 20 dollars' worth a week. That can add up to 1,040 dollars a year.

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