Soldier Memorial - Texas

What's expected to be a very solemn and emotional service is about to begin at fort hood, texas


Thousands have gathered at the nation's largest military post, to remember victims of the tragic attack there last week.


President obama will be a part of the traditional military memorial.


He will join thousands to honor those killed and wounded.


As crews prepared for today's memorial, family members of the fallen struggled to cope with their loss.


Liela Willinham lost her brother Jason in the attack.


"The only peace I don't have are about his last moments, and I wonder. Was he scared or was he in pain. But I know my brother and he wasn't scared or anything, he wasn't scared of going to war. I just picture his face, just with his soldiers there around him in the end, thinking that would be the way he would want to go," said Willinham.


Thirteen from this Army post are gone too soon.


While more than two dozen injured in the shooting rampage will carry the scars for the rest of their lives.


As the healing process begins, the investigation continues.


Intelligence officials now say the suspected gunman, Major Nadil Hasan had traded close to 2 dozen e-mails with Anwar Al Awlaki.


Authorities say Awlaki is an al Qaeda supporter who has encouraged attacks against the west.


Investigators say the army was aware of the correspondence and that Hasan's e-mails last winter were quote, consistent with research he was conducting on post-traumatic stress for an advanced degree and were in no way threatening.


Still in critical condition Hasan has refused requests from Army investigators hoping to question him but he did meet for the first time with his military and civilian attorneys last night at Brooke Army Medical Center.

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