Syria Destroys Equipment Connected to Production of Chemical Weapons

The Syrian government has destroyed critical equipment and elements connected to the production of chemical weapons.

This includes mixing and filling facilities essentially meaning that the Syrians can no longer produce new chemical weapons.

The announcement was made today by the OPCW, that's the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, who's working along side the United Nations to get rid of Syria's entire chemical weapon stockpile.

The OPCW along with the United Nations arrived in Damascus on October first and have since been able to visit 21 out of the 23 sites declared by Syria.

The two sites that they were not able to visit were because of security concerns.

But those facilities are believed to be abandoned anyway.

The Syrian government met this deadline a day before expected showing and implying that they're very serious about a deal brokered by the United States and Russia.

"The Syrian government has completed what we call the 'functional destruction' of its entire chemical weapons-making apparatus," said Micahel Luhan of OPCW.

The next deadline for the Syrians is November 15th when they're expected to submit a detailed plan on how they will get rid of more than one-thousand metric tons of the chemical weapons that they currently have inside the country.

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