Teen Saves Teacher Trapped under Car

(WMGM)  A New Jersey teen boy is being praised for a heroic act that may have saved the life of his former teacher, trapped underneath of her car.

"She was like help me! Help me please!"  Carlos Molina recalls.

It was those cries for help that led 14-year-old Molina to spring into action, performing an unthinkable act that may have saved the life of his former music teacher.

"When I came back she was yelling for help, and people just walked by and didn't help so I felt like I had to help her," said Molina.

Molina followed the screams until he found Betty O'Shea trapped underneath of her car outside of the North Main Street School.

This is when Molina says an adrenaline rush helped him lift and push the car off of her body.

"I was thinking about it - how was I able to pick this car up," he says.

According to O'Shea when the accident occurred she was attempting to look for her cell phone, which she thought may have dropped on the ground. When she got out of the car to look for it, this is when she says the car rolled back on her leg, trapping her underneath, with no other choice than to call for help.

"Screaming for help and then Carlos came along. He dropped his bag and he came over and I said Carlos please turn the car off. He turned it off and then he rolled it off of me," said Betty O'Shea who was injured while searching for her cell phone.

Once Molina removed O'Shea from under the car he ran for help.

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