Texans Head to Colorado for Pot Tourism

(KPRC) An increasing number of Texas residents are traveling to Colorado to enjoy winter sports and get high now that the state has legalized recreational marijuana.

"Seventy percent of my clientele were from Texas," said Telluride Bud Company owner Adam Raleigh referring to the first week after recreational marijuana became legal January 1st. "We expected it to wear off in the first two weeks, but it hasn't."

"I'd say it's a huge pull for Texans to come up here," Patrick Dyar says.

Dyar is from Carlton, Texas, 90 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

"If they are over 21, a dispensary is the first place they go," Dyar adds. "I see them stockpiling Pringles and Visine at the market."

"Because of the closeness of Colorado to Texas, Texas is big business for us," Raleigh says.

Read more: http://bit.ly/1elD06f

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