Tree Trimmer Turns to Chainsaw Art as Business Slows

Tucked away in a Jacksonville, Florida neighborhood, James Gandy clears his head.

He uses his own version of a stress ball: a chainsaw.

The revving of his saws can be heard can be heard down the street.

"My work got kinda slow, I cut trees for a living," Gandy says.

The down economy has forced some people to quit paying to have trees removed from their property.

So to relieve the stress and fill the downtime, he started carving old tree trunks he had removed from property.

"I gotta a pile of wood." 

His job pretty much supplies all the art tools he would need.

If he needs more wood, he'll call other friends in the industry to bring him some.

Right now he's got a couple projects going in cedar.

One is an octopus that's still in its early stages.

The other is a full blown ball eagle attacking a snake.

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