Two Weeks Left to Fix is working more smoothly today and it had better.

The tech team working to repair the frustrating site has until December first to get it where it should have been on October first.

The goal is the right function and the right speed 80% of the time.

With 12 days left to make president Obama's new deadline to fix the website team today reported weekend fixes that dropped the error rate to 1% with more speed.

"Users were waiting an average of 8 seconds for across the site to load and the average response time for most users remained under 1 second," said White House Spokesman Jay Carney.

I tested today, signing up as if I lived in Illinois.

Everything worked as it was supposed to.

When you clicked a button, something happened quickly.

Picking plans seemed easy to do.

And in this non-scientific test, with 2 weeks to go to get working well it seems to be working correctly and working quickly.

But White House goal is just 80% functionality by December 1st.

Why 80%? Because that's definitely do-able says a former Obama insider.

"What is the incentive when your credibility is in tatters to set up a deadline and a number like 80% that you can't meet? " asked former White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs.

Meanwhile, the state website in Oregon is way worse.

Not a single Oregonian's been able to sign up for Obamacare online.

Not one. They've had to go for paper applications.

That's making the federal site look great in comparison

But angry democrats nationwide agree, has to be mostly fixed by December or a political disaster gets even worse.

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