Ukraine Situation Intensifies Despite Truce Called

More bloodshed occurred in Ukraine Tuesday despite a truce called by the government and opposition.

Anti-government demonstrators said 70 people were killed. Police were reported killed too and some were taken prisoner by the protesters.

As the violence intensified, Ukrainian police retreated, pursued by protesters who were targeted by government sniper teams.

At least 70 were reported dead.

Medic Olesya Zhukovskaya was shot in the neck and rushed to intensive care. Her post flashed worldwide: ya moriyo = "I'm dying." But she was reported hanging on.

Meanwhile, protesters had captured some police. A situation out of control.

At Maki Vanna Restaurant near the White House, Ukrainian banners sat next to the bowls of Borscht.

The White House warned Ukraine's government is violating human rights.

In Chicago, names were read of the Ukraine dead in a candlelight vigil for a confrontation that's getting more deadly.

Europeans nations are slapping economic sanctions on Ukraine's government as President Obama is considering a similar move.

However, a senior administration official says beyond that, the US hasn't determined a next move, but they do have a full tool belt of options available to them.

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