Woman Gives Birth to Surprise Baby

- (WNYT) Baby Andrew is everything Teresa Brown always wanted but thought she couldn't have.

"It's gonna be wonderful...this is a blessing to me."

According to the 37 year old, five days ago she went to the hospital thinking she had Appendicitis.

"I was having such bad cramps and pains, I didn't know what it was. We get to the ER and they do blood work and they tell me 'you are pregnant, you are in labor,'" recalls Brown.

After 45 minutes of active labor, Brown says, doctors and nurses handed her a son.

"It was just like a miracle happened."

Teresa claims, 15 years ago doctors told her should could never have kids and insists her cycles were normal. She didn't feel any differently and her weight gain, during the past several months, totaled about ten pounds.

"I just thought it was because (of) winter and I hadn't gotten out and done my walking yet."

Despite receiving no prenatal care or taking pregnancy precautions, Baby Andrew Lloyd was born, Teresa says doctors estimate, two weeks early but healthy and to a very happy mom.

"I have my little boy, I have everything."

Read more at: http://bit.ly/17gjA0B

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