Wordi-Gras: Redneck Mardi Gras

(KSDK)  When you live in a town of less than 1,000, traffic is a non-issue and weekends are often what you make of them. 

Back in 2007, A.J., Jeff, Walker, Greg and Billy decided to make the most of a mundane day.

"We were just kind of sitting around bored and wanted to go to Soulard, but didn't really want to leave town so we just kind of threw our own thing together. We had a bunch of beads leftover from the year before and hopped in the back of Walker's truck and drove through town and that was it," A.J.Harshbarger explains.

They returned to Wall Street the following year with twice as many trucks, meaning two instead of one and well over the years their little parade in Worden, Illinois has gotten rather big.

"If everybody shows up plus a few more another 30, 40 floats and stuff," Harshbarger says.

None of those, however, can complete with the redneck pontoon.

"The girls go on a girls trip and come back with an idea and they say this is what we'd like to do," explains one of the husbands, Bill Dittmar. 

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