Old Certainteed Warehouse to be Demolished for New Development

    More development is expected to soon come to a part of Wichita Falls that's already seen big growth, even in the last several months.
    But finding more building space in the hot bed of development now means tearing old businesses down...
     And so the old Certainteed warehouse -- on call field, west of Lawrence Road --  will soon be torn down to make room for new development.
    Wichita Falls developer Bobby Schaaf says demolition should begin in the next two weeks,  and the building should be gone within 120 days ... 
    During that time,  he's hoping to get some tenants signed up.
    Schaaf and some other investors have owned this building for about three years ... He says now is the right time for development.
    Everybody that came here wanted to be right there. There's no space there anymore."  
  Wichita Falls developer Bobby Schaaf says development really comes down to "co-tenancy" -- meaning, chain restaurants want to locate near other chains ... national retailers want to be next to other national retailers.
   "My opinion is that the bull's eye of the market - the retail market - has always been Kemp, Call Field, and Midwestern Parkway - where the mall & all that is. I think - and that's where everybody wanted to be when they came to town. That area's now full. It's fully developed."
   So now, developer Bobby Schaaf says, the bull's eye is evolving ... shifting two- thirds of a block west -- near a large chunk of land that's been on the market a while the old Certainteed warehouse. 
   "Because of the new street that's getting done over there, the development of quail creek - the Academy shopping center - the development of Faith Village Shopping Center -- all that."
    Schaaf says it just takes a few big places moving to and thriving in Wichita Falls -- to "affirm the area," -- to spark the interest of other chains.
   "In this case, it all started with Walmart and Lowe's.  And Sam's. And then Home Depot."
   Once the old Certainteed building is demolished ... Schaaf plans to bring in national chain tenants.
   "These are -- these are our first two prospects. Lot one and lot two, which are both seven thousand square Ft. restaurants."
    Think restaurants, stores ... possibly as much as 150- thousand square feet of space that could be filled with shopping and dining.
   "I'm excited. I'm excited about the potential of our retail here."
    We asked Schaaf if he has any concerns that the Wichita Falls market could be over saturated ...
    He said not at all ... he points to city studies that put the Wichita Falls daytime population at about 230- thousand.
    He couldn't tell us which four restaurants he's talking to ... but he promises people will be happy about them!

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