Old High Basketball Coach's Contract Not Renewed

    After nearly two hours of deliberation behind closed doors, WFISD School Board members decided not to renew the contract of Old High's head basketball coach, Carl Pennington. Six members voted not to renew his contract, one voted in favor of Pennington, while the 8th board member abstained. Coach Pennington had been the head basketball coach since 2005.
    Friends, students,and teachers rallied behind him Monday night as they waited to hear the fate of his job.
    It became a waiting game for Old High's Coach Carl Pennington and the large group of supporters at Monday night's school board meeting. Coach Pennington received a notice last week stating his contract would not be renewed for the next school year. So Monday night he talked to the board about the decision.
    "Basically what I was think was was WFISD better with me or without me in the district, and what I think is that it's better with me because the things I do for kids," said Coach Pennington.
    Things like motivating senior point guard DJ Jordan who had received a 10 game suspension from Coach Pennington for a confrontation in the locker room.
    "During my whole high school career I used it in a lot of trouble, but he never gave up on me like at all he always kept pushing me harder and harder," said Jordan.
    Jordan says having Coach Pennington motivate him means he'll be playing college ball next year.
     Coach Pennington was on a probation period for the last two years after receiving multiple technical fouls during games. He says he followed the boards orders and doesn't understand why his contract is not being renewed.
    "I thought I could have been told 'hey you should be working on this work on this.' I feel I should have gotten  more support," said Coach Pennington.
    After receiving the news from the board, Coach Pennington and supporters were saddened and left in disbelief. The board did not discuss any plans they currently had to replace Coach Pennington.

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