Outpouring of Support at Teresa Speir's Funeral

    The day after a man is charged with the murder of a Cotton County woman ... family and friends come together to remember 52-year old Teresa Speir's life.
    Katie Crosbie headed out to Devol this morning ...
It seemed that everyone who knew Teresa Speir was touched by her life ... and they all wanted to come out to show their support and sympathy.

The outpouring was overwhelming ... an entire community in mourning.

Harvey Doty
Longtime Neighbor
"You can look at the crowd & see what's here at the church, & you'd know what kind of people they were."

A line of people snaked out the door of the church ... Nearby streets were lined with cars.

Brad Mackey
Former Employer
"They're parked all the way -- I had to walk half a mile all the way down just to get here. Probably not gonna get seating in here, it's gonna be standing room only."

Paul Jeffrey
Cotton County Sheriff
"We're a tight community over here in Cotton County ... there's not a lot of people, but most all of us have been here all our life."

Randy Clark
Grandfield City Manager
"Teresa was our librarian there for nearly three years. She was a great lady, she had one of the most bubbly personalities I've ever known ... cheerful in all weather ... good character."

"She was friendly with everyone; nice person."

"She didn't deserve this - I mean, there's no reason for her to be killed. Just thrown out like garbage & stuff.  Hope we -- if we do have the right individual -- & I know we do -- that we've charged now, that he'll never be out again."

David Daniel -- charged with murdering Teresa Speir.

"I know David, & I would have never thought he'd a done it. I mean, I just ... I know he's been into different things, but I never thought about him doing ... if he's actually done it, you know."

Bill Kirkpatrick
Longtime Neighbor
"Sometimes he's okay, & sometimes he wasn't. I'd talked to him several times."

People are trying to come to grips with the shock that something like this could happen their community.

"I got sick at my stomach."

"Hard to imagine."

"You wouldn't think - though life's unfair - that anything like this could ever happen to her. And our heart goes out to her & her family."

"She was well-liked & loved ... & we're gonna miss her. Big time."

More than anything, the people we talked to say their hearts just go out to Teresa Speir's two kids.

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