Petrolia Water Restriction at Stage 4

Water restrictions are now in place for a large portion of Texoma, and every week the drought continues more will come into place...
Among the most severe are in Petrolia now...That town is under stage 4 restrictions which limits just about all but basic water use for drinking, cooking and washing.
Just like last summer, users on the Petrolia water system can now do no outside watering and ranchers can no longer get city water for their livestock.

    Water restrictions for the residents of Petrolia went from serious to extreme over the weekend.
After a meeting with the city staff the mayor implemented  stage 4 drought restrictions.

Its basically limits every bit of water no watering your grass its hard to water your horses in that situation, said Schaffner.
    Luke Schaffner works for a local cattle company and he says these restrictions are not only limiting water usage in homes,  but also on the range.
    And their hoping their hoping these new restrictions don't spark other problems.

Its hard to keep our cattle sprayers up and so if a fire does break out at our place it will be hard to put those out pretty quick, Schaffner adds.

Its really sad for this area because like anybody else in the state we're having it hard and its bad for the whole area, said Kathy McFadden a resident of Petrolia.

    Kathy McFadden has lived in the area for the past six years and says its a tough situation for residents but like most of them, she understands the city has little choice when water is so scarce.

They do what they can but they got their hands tied. Its mother nature that's got the upper hand, McFadden says.

    Just a reminder to the residents of Petrolia of what stage 4 water restriction entail.
    Absolutely no outside watering... No filling of swimming pools and there will also be no bulk sale of water until the restrictions are lifted.
    On a positive note it looks like the residents are taking it all in stride and dealing with the situation the best way they can.

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