Picker's Items Go Up for Auction

    It's an America Picker's dream, an auction this Saturday filled with collectibles: old signs, vintage cars, and even what they claim is the only stop light in the town, since there are no signals in the city.
    After Clint "Hippie" Gower passed away earlier this year, his wife said she no longer had room for his mounds of eclectic treasures. So she's looking hoping to find them a  new home.
    Walking into this old grocery store in Temple, Oklahoma is like taking a step back in time. Old gas pumps, cash registers, bikes and much more.
    "He liked all kinds of stuff you couldn't really limit it to one thing because he liked everything," Marina Gower, Clint "Hippie" Gower's Widow.
    Gower says her husband's collection began after his father passed away and quickly grew.   And with each new item .. Hippie told  his wife that it would be worth something one day.
    "Oh yes, I always thought it was junk but it was something he enjoyed and he loved doing so I was okay with it," said Gower.
    And outside the store receiving lots of attention a 1966 Ford Mustang, 1927 Star, and a 2002 Prowler. They're all up for auction
    "Instead of buying insurance he believed that the cars would take care of us in the long run. So I hope he's right," said Gower
     "Everybody knew he was a collector and had quiet a bit of stuff but never dreamed he had this much," said Brett High, auctioneer.
    It's years of collecting and memories all gather and organized in one room.
    "His passion was to collect it will be hard to see it go but I don't have a place to keep it," said Gower.
    But as each item goes off to a new home Gower knows the memory of her husband will live on.
    The auction is set to begin this Saturday morning at 10 in Temple, Oklahoma. As you can imagine there was more items in the room than we could show, click here to find out more.

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