Pit Bulls Euthanized; Attack Victim Speaks Out

According to Wichita Falls Animal control ... the two pit bulls that attacked a 77-year-old woman last Wednesday were euthanized this morning.
    On Thursday, the dogs' owner voluntarily gave animal control custody of the pit bulls.
    Police say they're still  investigating the attack.
June O'Hara is out of the hospital,  recovering at home ... and says she's still in a lot of pain.
    She was brave enough to show us her wounds ... in hopes that this doesn't happen to anyone else.
    Her laugh comes easy ... the jokes fly.
    To listen to June O'Hara, you'd never guess she's still recovering from a brutal dog attack.
    "I'm alive, I'm happy, but I just -- hurt like heck!"
But there's no hiding the scars ... the bite marks ... the cuts ... The physical and emotional trauma.
   "I can't believe I'm sitting here. I can't ... I thought that was my last day here. I really did ... They hit my chest, & I went backwards on the ground, & then they were on me. And I mean, they growled & spit & barked & everything."
    O'Hara hit the dogs with her walking stick. She tried to protect her eyes ...
  "I covered my face up. That was when they got hold of the top of my head & were shaking me ... blood was just coming out of my head like a fountain, running down my chin."
   An MSU student & three Jehovah's Witnesses came to her aid ...
   "They saved my life."
   O'Hara laughs, remembering the ladies throwing their bibles at the dogs.
"I thought it was funny -- to see them go sailing through the air. You know? Ohh, funny."
    But her sense of humor doesn't change the horror of the attack.
"They were ferocious. They just wouldn't let me alone. They'd charge in & bite, & run, then they'd charge in & grab me again."
     O'Hara says she doesn't want anyone else's life threatened by pit bulls.
"Something has got to be done!!!  Somebody's going to get killed!!!!! And I thought it was going to be me."
    She's thankful for the support of her friends & family.
"The good Lord --  it wasn't my time to go! That's what my church keeps telling me. Wasn't my time to go."
    O'Hara wants pit bulls to be banned statewide ...  and says after 38 years of taking a daily walk through her neighborhood,  now she's scared to even go out and get her newspaper in the morning.

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