Professional Picker Finding Success in Seymour

Laura Gravilla is a business woman.

She's owned a music store, gift shop, even a mall kiosk.

When she moved to rural Seymour, however, in a sluggish economy she ran into a problem.

"It was hard to find a job in Seymour," said Gravilla, "and I needed to make money."

Ever the entrepreneur, Laura looked into new ways to earn a living.

"My mother-in-law had mentioned that she made a lot of money having yard sales on the side," she explained, "so I started doing it."

After her first yard sale, Laura's new career as a full time picker began.

She now searches sales from miles around, always on the hunt for what her customers want.

"I really don't shop locally, because I want my stuff to be different for the people in Seymour to see," she said.

What started as a weekend side hobby to make money quickly grew into a full time job for Laura, and once she introduced the internet to her business, it took off.

While websites like E-bay and Craigslist have expanded Laura's customer base, Facebook proved to be one of the best ways for Laura to match buyers and sellers.

"Facebook has 'the Trading Post' for all the towns-Seymour, Wichita, Lubbock, Abilene-they're all over the place," explained Laura, "and I advertise on every one I can get on."

Now, big or small, Laura's company "Found N Picked" sells it all.

"It can be something as small as just a plate, or as large as a muscial instrument."

Laura said she plans to grow her internet business, but doesn't want to forget why she started picking in the first place.

"I've got some people here," said Laura, "that are wonderful people in Seymour that follow me and are always asking when they see me at the grocery store or wherever, 'when's your next yard sale?' and that makes it fun."

If you'd like to get Laura picking for you, click here to go to Found N Picked's Facebook page or follow the link below!/pickedforyou

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