Rep. Thornberry Reacts to President's Military Announcement

13th District US Congressman Mac Thornberry calls the President's announcement on military cuts "vague", and says it would be a mistake to squander America's defense capabilities.
Thornberry points out that Congress and President Obama already agreed on the 487 billion dollars of reductions during the next 10 years, and he says the military's budget will still increase each year, just not as much as the military had planned.
Representative Thornberry says the Army and Marine Corps are expected to have to absorb much of the personnel reduction.  And he says that will limit America's ability to fight two wars at once, as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan the past several years.

Thornberry says, "Another concern is whether they are going to try to cut troops in Afghanistan too quickly in order to achieve these savings - these budget savings - but by doing so, allow the terrorists to get sanctuary back. And there are other concerns about cutting our nuclear stockpile that they have talked about or alluded to, and reducing our presence in other important parts of the world -- like North Africa, where there's a growing terrorist threat."
Congressman Thornberry says he doesn't expect this to have big impacts on Sheppard, but he says every service's budget will be tight.  And he says the entire military budget only makes us about 20 percent of the federal budget.

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