Republican Candidates Comment on Redistricting Map Issue

Eight local Republican candidates attended a "meet and greet" this afternoon at Luby's Cafeteria, hosted by the Wichita County Republican Women's Club.

While each talked about their qualifications and answered questions from the crowd, I found that one issue concerning all of them is the on-going fight over redistricting maps.

A challenge Texas Republicans made to the Supreme Court over newly drawn redistricting maps is causing candidates, who are on the campaign trail, to play the waiting game.

And during a "Meet and Greet," held by the Wichita County Republican Women's Club, candidates say they're taking it in stride.

"It's better to get it right than to slow down. At the end of the day there are impatient people like me but it will all work out. We'll have districts and we'll have races and things will go on. That's what happens in this country," says James Frank, a Republican candidate for the 69th District.

"A lot of times everybody wants to go a compromise so I'm glad to see them sticking to their guns. I'm glad to see the Attorney General putting his foot down and doing what's right for Republicans and the State of Texas," adds Jim Herblin, Republican Senate District 30 candidate.

But not everyone agrees.

"The redistricting issue is totally uncharted territory and is so confusing to all of us who are trying to run an election," says Wichita County Republican Chair candidate, Donna Long.

"Wichita County is already well defined. So, really it doesn't affect county officials. I wish they would just open it for officials that are gonna be affected by the redistricting," says Judge Barney Fudge, 78th District Judge candidate.

But those who are affected say progress is slowly being made.

"The senate map has been agreed upon and now we're waiting. I hear there's a couple of glitches on both side... the House map and the Congressional map. Hopefully those will be ironed out soon and we can get a primary as soon as possible," explains Senator Craig Estates, who is campaigning for reelection in District 30.

Senator Estes and Wichita County Republican Chair Donna Long say when it comes to the primary election, instead of taking place in April.. they've learned it may now be pushed to late May.

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