SAFB Pilot Leads Flyover at Arlington National Cemetery for a POW/MIA

    A Sheppard Air Force Base pilot is proudly serving our nation. And, this Friday  she'll carry out a duty and an honor she'll  never forget. Lieutenant Colonel Amy Young will be leading a four plane missing man  flyover at the funeral service at Arlington National Cemetery for an Air Force pilot killed in the Vietnam War.
           The man she will be honoring, is the man whose name was on the POW/ MIA  bracelet she's worn for  more than 20 years. Service members like Lieutenant Colonel Young wear the bracelets to make sure those missing in action are never forgotten.
    Lieutenant Colonel Young says it's an odd feeling to be so connected to someone who died before she was even born. Though this will be her third funeral flyover, this flight will always hold a special place in her heart.
    It's a small silver bracelet bearing the name of then-Major Charles Walling. He and the bracelet have been part of Lieutenant Colonel Amy Young's life since 1990 when she was a cadet at the Air Force Academy.
    "I asked for a pilot, an officer from Arizona. I grew up in Arizona and so the bracelet I received was his," said  Lt. Col. Amy Young, 80th Operations Company
     During the Vietnam War Major Walling was a pilot who went missing after his plane was shot down near Saigon in 1966. Over the years, he was promoted which is a military policy in the case of those who are missing in action.
    And recently Lieutenant Colonel Young's office was sent an email asking for volunteers for a missing man fly over funeral at the Arlington National Cemetery.
    "I happen to the be one that opened the email and I opened the attachment. As I  was scrolling through the attachment on the third page, I saw a name I recognized," said Lt. Col. Young.
    The name of the deceased was Walling, whose remains were found in 2010 and verified in February.
     "When I got the bracelet I always knew that my goal was some day to be able to return the bracelet to the family once they recover the pilot," said Lt. Col. Young.
    After the flyover,Lieutenant Colonel Young will be giving the bracelet to his family.
    "It's going to be odd without it, but at the same time it's going to be uplifting to give the bracelet back to the family," said Lt. Col. Young.
    After  a phoenix interview with Walling's sons about their father, another woman came forward saying she's being wearing a bracelet with Lieutenant Colonel Walling's name on it. She had been wearing that bracelet since the early 70's.

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