Selling Your Old iPhone

If you're looking to sell your old iPhone to make some money for the newer version, we have some tips.  Lynda Baquero spoke with the experts on the best ways to sell, trade, or re-purpose.

It's official! Apple debuted its new iPhone 5 and it's the first time the screen size has changed.

It's also lighter, thinner, and faster.

So if you're thinkign of getting one...

"I'll likely donate it, if not I'll sell it, I think $150 bucks, or $200 bucks for them, so maybe I'll sell it.

"I know eBay and Craigslist has a ton of old iPhones that people sell, so that's not a bad idea, get some extra cash in my pocket.

"This is one of the great things about Apple products, they hold their value really well. There are a ton of websites that are buying back old iPhones."

Christian Warren with says you can sell a phone through sites like Gazelle.

"And Gazelle is great because they send you like a little mailer, you put your phone in, they inspect it and they send you a check or deposit it into your Pay Pal. E-BAY also has a program where they will buy back your phone, so does AMAZON.COM."

You can also sell your iPhone back to Apple for a gift card.

They just want to inspect it, make sure that it works right and you can get a gift card and you can use it, not just to get another iphone, but you can get a mac, iTunes software or whatever you want.

You can also donate.

"After I finish with it, I'll donate it and let someone else have it."

Or give an older model phone to your kid.

"If you don't have the card in it, you can still use the phone on wifi."

And remember, with wifi, you can still access most of the major features besides calling, similar to an iPod Touch.  But don't forget to wipe the phone of your personal information before you get rid of it.

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