Sheppard Employee Wins Air Force Level Award

Linda Howard's office is already decorated with dozens of military awards- and she just got one more.

"To the civilian world, I equate it to an Oscar, you know, that's basically what it is in our career field, to me anyway," says Howard, who is now an Air Force Level A1 Award Winner.

Linda earned the title of 2009 Manpower and Personnel Flight Manager of the Year- but she didn't just win the award at Sheppard. She went on to win on the Air Education and Training Command Level-- and then-- won on the Air Force level.

Capt. Darren Hill is Chief of Military Personnel Section and has been Howard's supervisor for just four months, but says he thinks she was a fantastic candidate for the award.

"Winning an Air Force level award is huge. What they're pretty much saying is that she's the top personnel, civilian personnel, in the entire Air Force. And as you understand the Air Force stretches around the globe, so to have that recognition is pretty huge, says Hill."

Howard is the Chief of Personnel Relocation. She processes promotions, re-enlistments, separations, retirements, and outbound assignments.

She says, "So there is a lot of diversity in what I take care of, helping individuals get assignments to a base of preference, or a military to military couple trying to keep the family together."

"Mrs. Howard's core personnel knowledge is second to none. She's a phenomenal individual and she has outstanding work ethics, adds Capt Hill."

Hill goes on to say she went above and beyond during the base realignment- striving to get everyone involved their new base preference and paying personal attention to each case.

"They determined it was a cost savings to contract out the civil engineering squadron functions. And so all the military had to then be found assignments and jobs at other bases, explains Howard."

During that time, she coordinated 206 assignments in just 12 months. Her Supervisor says she's just the type of employee you can count on.

"I know I can delegate things to Mrs. Howard and I know they'll get accomplished, says Capt Hill."


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