Shoppers Enjoy Black Friday Daytime Deals

As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.

While that was certainly the case for folks who bombarded stores Thursday night and past midnight, once the sun rose, plenty of shoppers were still reeling in good deals.

Around 10 a.m. Sikes Senter Mall had tons of shoppers swarming the place.

And many, like like this woman, did not regret arriving at stores after the sun came up.

"I bet there were some really good deals, but no, I don't have any regrets cause I was still able to get really nice stuff at really good prices," says shopper, Vanessa Kincheloe.

Her packed arms are proof of that.

"We got additional percentage off because the store and then also for using their coupons and then also for military and stuff. It added up and I was excited," adds Kincheloe.

This shopper was also excited about the price she paid for a quilt.

"It was one hundred and something then it went to $56 and then I got it for $28. So, that's pretty good. I'm doing pretty good for the kind of quilts I like," says shopper, Tassy Stevenson

Over at Target managers say shoppers cashed in on the best bargains overnight but they made sure deals were plentiful throughout Black Friday.

"We still have lots of tv's with great deals. Just about every tv we have is on sale. We have some IPods that are on sale and you get a gift card with the purchase of so, that's really something that doesn't come along that often," says Kerry Beaver, Target team leader.


And you can bet stores will continue offering sales to get shoppers spending before the end of the holiday season.

We're told the best deals, which were electronics and popular toys, were available last night through Friday around 6 a.m., but there's still four weeks before Christmas, which means businesses will continue offering Christmas bargains to get shoppers buying.

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