Smart Woman: Airline Fees To Watch Out For

Travel by air can be costly nowadays, and it isn't just the ticket prices that can break your wallet. The extra fees can add up. Last year, the global airline industry was predicted to make more than 22-billion dollars in additional fees. So while your ticket might get you on board... it won't get you much else! On continental, you pay $8 for a snack box. For a family of four, that's $32 for a snack. You can save by packing your own food.

Ever get cold on board? Airlines like JetBlue now charge seven dollars for a blanket and pillow. So dress in layers.

The size of your carry-on might also cost you more. Spirit airlines charges 40 dollars extra for any bag bigger than 16x14x12 inches. If you book your ticket online and know you'll be carrying a larger bag, you can lower the fee to $20.

Last year, four of the 18 worst companies for customer satisfaction were major airlines. United, American, Frontier and Continental made the naughty list this year, with the most customer complaints going to United.

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