Smart Woman: Financial Bootcamp for Kids

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – At just 13 years old, Andrew Swenson is learning about the stock market at this Future Investors Club of America camp for kids. Lisa Swenson supports her son’s hobby which may lead to a career in the future.

“I think that this is really his chosen path,” Swenson told Ivanhoe.

With pens in hand, business attire, and sharp answers, the campers are ready to turn their hobby into something more.

“We’ll have some millionaires. We’ll have some who are relatively financially successful,” Camp Director Frank Parks told Ivanhoe.

A lack of girls at his camp is a common theme, which the camp leaders hope to change. “There is a huge market for females to get in the financial services industry,” Parks said.

The Yang sisters both say they may be interested in careers in math. “It can be fun and interesting at the same time,” Roslyn Yang was quoted as saying.

Financial expert Kathy Boyle says it’s never too early to teach your kids about money. She has three tips for parents: talk to your kids about the value of money, teach them what credit is, and educate them about investing.

The kids here at camp seem to understand those basics.

“I don’t spend a lot,” Andrew Swenson told Ivanhoe.

Even habits not directly related to money can impact your child’s future financial success. Teaching them how to maintain and nurture long-lasting relationships, the importance of detail-oriented work, and even the love of learning can help children be financially smarter as an adult.

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