Smart Woman: Managing Up: Survive & Thrive with a Bad Boss

Arrogant, demanding, and hyper-critical: management experts say they are some of the worst traits of a bad boss, and it only takes one to damage the office atmosphere. We show you how to survive a bad boss and come out on top.

There's no shortage of horrible bosses in films and on TV, and chances are at one time in your career you've worked for a real-life bad boss.

Executive Coach Janice Sabatine tells clients to think of unpleasant interactions with supervisors as opportunities to improve your business survival skills.

First, protect yourself by creating a file. Put your interactions with your boss in writing. Summarize and write down important conversations. Send written memos to confirm projects and deadlines.

It's also important to spend time building your network. Develop relationships with everyone from the assistants to top managers in other departments. You'll earn a reputation as a team player. Sabatine says you should think of your snarky supervisor as the spark that ignites your next career move.

"Just like you learn more from mistakes sometimes than from what you do well, you can really learn from a bad boss," Executive Coach Janice Sabatine tells Ivanhoe. 

Especially the behavior you don't want to repeat when it's your turn in charge.

Before you label your tough boss as bad, ask yourself if they are making you better at your job and perfecting your weakest skills. Also remember, management experts say it's unlikely a bad boss is going to change his or her behavior, so it's a good idea to plot your exit strategy.

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