Smart Woman: Turkey Day Travel, Gobbling Less Gas

According to a new report, Americans could spend $552-million at the gas pump this Thanksgiving holiday!

Here are a few ways to help keep your trip running smoothly.

You can increase your gas mileage by four-percent if you keep your engine tuned to your car's specifications. Pack less, and your engine will do more! The federal trade commission estimates an additional 100 pounds in the trunk can decrease fuel economy by up to two-percent.

And drive like a pro. Coasting to a stop is more cost-effective than slamming on the brakes. You can improve your fuel economy around town by up to five-percent by driving gently.

One more tip, when you drive faster, your wallet suffers. Every five miles you drive over 60-miles per hour is like paying another 20 cents per gallon for gas.

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