Soap Box Derby to Allow Adults to Become Kids Again

The YMCA's Soap Box Derby is Saturday, but kids won't be the only ones coasting their way to the finish line.

This year, the event is allowing adults to build their own car and take part in the fun.

But if you think it's too late to construct a car and compete, I spoke with two contestants who say...think again.

The 1960's saw some heated competitions among local soap box derby contestants.

But now, kids from back then can race downhill once again... thanks to this year's YMCA Soap Box Derby.

"Last year what happened is, during the race... most of the adults down there were really curious when it would be their turn. They were real excited about it so we thought what a better time than now to really bring in that portion of the race, Adult Build Your Own," says Brandon Brown, president of the Wichita Falls YMCA.

And that had Greg Campbell working hard to build a car.

"We spent a little time on it cause we had to figure everything out. This is the first one we've ever built, so we had to figure out how we were gonna do this in the first place cause really, once you start working on them they're real simple to do," says Campbell who is entering the adult race.

According to Chris Cotton, it doesn't get simpler than his creation.

"I built a soap box car in about four hours with stuff laying around my house," explains Cotton, who is competing in the adult race.

He transformed a dolly into a soap box derby car.

The steering is from a wagon.

The brake; a piece of wood with metal on the end.

"I'm gonna be throwing sparks with my brake," Cotton says with a smile.

But once Cotton took it on a test run sparks did not fly but his brake did scream.

Still, Cotton and Campbell are looking forward to being big kids again and racing downhill in the upcoming YMCA Soap Box Derby.

Registration for the Soap Box Derby is $100.

It's due by 5 p.p. Friday, September 21st, at the Downtown YMCA at " on 9th street.

And race day, which includes a festival and car show, is Saturday, September 22nd.

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