Some Lake Residents Grandfathered In and Allowed to Pump Lake Water

    While many residents who use Wichita Falls water may be disappointed about Stage 2 Restrictions, there's some good news to report for lake residents, at least for now.
    Those who live along the shores of city lakes received letters informing them several new rules are going to soon be enforced including a ban on drawing or pumping lake water. But, it was decided in Tuesday's City Council meeting they're being grandfathered in, if their lease states they're able to pump lake water.
    This could change, though when it comes time to renew the lease if the council passes the no pumping rule. That's why some residents are worried their water bills are going to get even higher if that happens.
    "I'm afraid with the price of water out there that if we have to rely on straight city manufactured to water with people will not be able to afford  nor will they water their their properties," said Mike Hall, Lake Arrowhead VFD Chief.
    City officials say they have no way to regulate water usage of lake residents, which is why the changes were proposed.  But Mayor Glenn Barham says the city approached the issue the wrong way by sending a letter out to lake residents too early.
    "It went out before it should have we dropped the ball on that and when I say we I mean the city as a whole. We should have called a talked to them about what we were planning and got their input on that," said Mayor Barham
    Lake Kickapoo residents have hired an attorney to represent them and fight the change.
    Mayor Barham believes a decision will be made by July on whether to allow lake water to be pumped by those whose leases change down the road.

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