Speeding Related Crashes on the Rise

    New numbers are out saying speeding related crashes are on the rise nationwide. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association study, the number of traffic deaths caused by speeding is up 7 percent over the past decade.
    Since January 1st, Wichita Falls Police say 539 car accidents have occurred withing city limits. That includes everything from a hit-and-run, to an accident with injuries. Of all the factors causing wrecks speeding is being blamed for more crashes nationwide. But what about in Wichita Falls?
    "The numbers that I looked at speeding, is a factor along with many other things, so I don't see it as the number one factor right now, but we are only 2 and a half months in to the year so it defiantly could change," said Sergeant John Spragins, WFPD.
    Spragins says even though speed may not be the primary cause for wrecks in Wichita Falls, It doesn't mean it's not a factor .
    "Just because the road says 60 mph you don't want to necessarily want to always drive that fast because that is the limit. Driving conditions, the wet roads as we had yesterday, maybe you need to slow down in order to drive with the weather conditions," said Sgt. Spragins.
    Spragins says in order to slow down some of the lead foots around town, WFPD deploys digital radar trailers as a friendly reminder to hit the brakes.
    "A lot of times people don't realize, they got a lot of things going on or didn't see a speed limit sign," said Spragins. "Those things kind of get your attention and show you how fast you are going so I do think it does help tremendously," said Sgt. Spragins.
    Spragins reminds drivers those signs aren't just a suggestion, but the law.

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