Spirit of Texoma Award

 OVER THE YEARS THE AMERICAN RED CROSS HAS HONORED MANY FOLKS WHO CONTINUE TO GIVE BLOOD DONATIONS. SOME HAVE BEEN RECOGNIZED FOR 20, 40 EVEN FIFTY GALLONS OF BLOOD...BUT FEW HAVE KEPT THE DONATIONS FLOWING FOR MORE THAN 70 GALLONS. THIS MONTH'S SPIRIT OF TEXOMA AWARD WINNER IS BETTY WAGNER. THIS AMERICAN RED CROSS SCRAP BOOK IS FULL OF DONORS. ONE CLIPPING DATES BACK TO THE 60'S...IT'S BETTY WAGNER. It is good of course that I can help somebody else may not be able to help themselves out at the moment I just hope they will pass the favor on later. AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT BETTY IS DOING. SEE SHE SAW FIRST HAND HOW DONATIONS TOUCH LIVES. I was in an automobile accident and my Father needed whole blood that very night so it was blood on the shelf that got me going. Need blood on the shelf. Alot of people don't see the importance of coming and giving and recognizing those who take their time and their loyalty and dedication to come every two weeks. SINCE 1965, EVERY TWO WEEKS BETTY HAS COME TO SEE THE FOLKS AT THE RED CROSS. THEY'VE REALLY BECOME LIKE FAMILY. They are really kind to me down here they are good they are fun and it's fun to come. It is painless and comfortable so it's been easy. You give something that God's provided for me that I couldn't provide for myself it has been a blessing. BETTY ALSO SPENDS TIME ROUNDING UP OTHERS TO COME ROLL UP THEIR SLEEVES. I write articles for the church paper and try to encourage people to come, its a simple thing. You got a good product if you got something to sell, it's easy. BETTY HAS NOW GIVEN ABOUT 600 DONATIONS...AND FOR EVERY DONOR WHO MAKES THEIR WAY TO THE RED CROSS...IT TOUCHES FAR MORE THAN JUST ONE LIFE. You really can't put a number on that because helping someone have hope and a chance to survive whatever they are fighting could be cancer. Alot of the platlette donations are for cancer patients or children in treatments. So it's just unbelievable the impact that it's giving. JUST LIKE QUITE A FEW HERE SHE'LL BE BACK SOON...SINCE THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A NEED. I tell them I will take their hand and bring them down here and hold their hand while they are giving just there is nothing to it. BUT THERE IS SOMETHING TO THE FACT THAT DECADES AGO BETTY WAS ON A NEWSPAPER CLIPPING FOR HER SPIRIT OF GIVING. NOW SHE'S A SPIRIT OF TEXOMA AWARD WINNER BECAUSE SHE TRULY HAS IT...AND PLANS TO KEEP ON GIVING. THE RED CROSS IS ALWAYS IN NEED OF DONATIONS...TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT JUST CALL 322-8686.

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