Spirit of Texoma Award

 CRIMESTOPPERS IS A NONPROFIT PROGRAM THAT ALLOWS FOLKS TO CALL IN ANONYMOUS TIPS TO HELP CRACK CASES. FOR THE LAST 19 YEARS THERE HAS BEEN A MAN ON THE OTHER END OF THE LINE TAKING THE INFORMATION DETECTIVES NEED TO SUCEED IN SOLVING CRIMES. FOR HIS DEDICATION TO THE PROGRAM MELVIN JOYNER IS THIS MONTH'S SPIRIT OF TEXOMA AWARD WINNER. FOR THE LAST 28 YEARS OFFICER MELVIN JOYNER HAS PROUDLY WORN THE WICHITA FALLS POLICE DEPARTMENT BADGE. MANY YEARS OF THAT HE HAS SPENT HELPING THE CRIMESTOPPERS PROGRAM TAKE IN TIPS. You'll take that little bit of information and sometimes it is very little information but it may be that missing link that the detectives need to finish their investigation and to make that arrest happen. AND FOR MANY FAMILIES THAT ARREST BRINGS CLOSURE. It is a good feeling when you see people getting their stolen property back or knowing that there is a conclusion to a murder in their family or a crisis that had happen in their family. Getting to see that family's reaction that police were able to solve it and it was all due to a Crimestoppers tip. OFFICER JOYNER HAS RECEIVED MANY AWARDS OVER THE YEARS INCLUDING THE CORALIE WAGNER MEMORIAL AWARD FROM CRIMESTOPPERS INTERNATIONAL. AND AT ONE POINT HE WAS EVEN APPONTED BY GOVERNOR RICK PERRY TO THE TEXAS CRIMESTOPPERS ADVISORY BOARD. IN THE POSITION HE HELPED OTHER CRIMESTOPPER PROGRAMS GET UP AND RUNNING. It was a great honor to work with the Governor and his staff. IN HIS TENURE OFFICER JOYNER HAS ALSO PLAYED A MAJOR ROLE IN BRINGING IN HARDWARE FOR THE DEPARTMENT... HE CREDITS THE CRIMESTOPPERS CREW'S TEAM EFFORT FOR THE MANY AWARDS ON THE WALL. I've worked with some of the greatest people you could ever meet some very dedicated individuals, men and women working at the police department and it's been a great honor to serve with them. AND ALTHOUGH OFFICER JOYNER'S SERVICE WILL BE DONE AS OF THURSDAY HE IS CONFIDENT THE AWARD WINNING PROGRAM WILL CONTINUE TO HELP THE WICHITA FALLS P-D CRACK CASES. We have some great men and women at the police department and I know that the people in the Crimestoppers office and the ones coming in will continue working hard to make sure the program is the best that it can be. MAKING IT ONE OF THE BEST IS SOMETHING OFFICER JOYNER CAN BE PROUD OF FROM THE PAST...AS HE LOOKS FORWARD TO HIS PLANS FOR THE FUTURE. My house flooded a year ago and I still have some finishing touches to do on that,landscaping and building some fencing and I am also going to take my Dad to Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota. He has always wanted to go so I am going to do a little traveling with them while I can. AS WE SALUTE OFFICER JOYNER FOR ALL HIS YEARS OF SERVICE TRULY SHOWING HIS SPIRIT OF TEXOMA...HE WANTS TO THANK THE PEOPLE OF TEXOMA FOR THEIR HELP IN HIS CRIME FIGHTING EFFORT. Just thank all the citizens for all the support and dedication they have provided to make crimestoppers what it is. THE UNITED WAY CONGRATULATES OFFICER JOYNER FOR HIS DEDICATION TO CRIMESTOPPERS.

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