Spirit of Texoma Award

 MANY TEXOMANS GIVE OF THEMSELVES TO HELP OTHERS. AND THEN THERE ARE THOSE WHO GO ABOVE AND BEYOND TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF SO MANY. FOR HER DEDICATION WE HONOR CHARLENE DONAGHEY VOMASTEK AS THIS MONTH'S SPIRIT OF TEXOMA AWARD WINNER. INSIDE THE SOUTHEAST BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB YOU'LL FIND CHARLENE, OR MRS. V, HARD AT WORK. THIS CLUB PROVIDES A POSITIVE ENIVORNMENT FOR KIDS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR...BUT FOR CHARLENE IT'S ABOUT GIVING CHILDREN MORE THAN JUST A PLACE TO GATHER. I was just taught that my purpose on Earth is to make the World a better place for people who will come after me and do what's right and stand up for those people who need someone to stand up for them. SO FROM PAINTING ON TEENS MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY, TO READING TO CHILDREN AT SANTA'S HOUSE, A WARM MEAL THROUGH THE FOOD BANK...CHARLENE'S EFFORTS TO GET THESE KIDS OUT AND ABOUT AND INVOLVED GOES ON AND ON. Encourage them and when they do do things, praise them and let them know. Tell them about the positive benefits they'll reap in the future when they do make a positive impact on the people they live around. IT'S THAT PHILOSOPHY THAT HAS ENCOURAGED CHARLENE TO VOLUNTEER HER ENTIRE LIFE...FROM THE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY TELETHON, TO THE TEXAS BUSINESS WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION, CHRISTIAN WOMEN'S JOB CORP AND RELAY FOR LIFE, HOTTER N HELL HUNDRED... CHARLENE'S EFFORTS ROLL THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY. When you can see the love and sometimes tears from people you have done things for it brings it to a higher level and better meaning for you to know you have been able to make someone's life a little better. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE STRIVES TO DO FOR THE LITTLE ONES. SHE EVEN RECRUITS COLLEGE ATHLETES OR ROLE MODELS FROM HER ALMA MATER--MSU. Our MSU Mustangs they really come to the plate with it and they bring it home for the kids and let them know there are famous people in the World who are good examples and good peer leaders and role models for them. It helps the kids understand that they can do and be better in their lives, no matter what their background is. AND SHE REALIZES HOW IMPORTANT IT IS FOR THE KIDS TO SHOW FOLKS FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE THEIR APPRECIATION... SHE HELPS CLUB MEMBERS DO JUST THAT THROUGH EFFORTS LIKE THE ADOPT A COP PROGRAM...SHE ALSO INCLUDES SO MANY OTHER COMMUNITY LEADERS SUCH AS TEACHERS, FIREFIGHTERS AND THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO SERVE OUR COUNTRY. I want to do my part to give back to the same people that gave to me and helped me to become the woman I am today. It is all about your dash, it's not the day you were born or the day you die, it is the legacy you leave. AND THE ONE LEFT IN THIS BUILDING AND FAR BEYOND BY CHARLENE PROVES SHE TRULY HAS THE SPIRIT OF TEXOMA. THE UNITED WAY CONGRATULATES CHARLENE FOR ALL OF HER COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENTS. AND IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO DESERVES THIS AWARD NOMINATE THEM NOW.

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